New Community Center

Valley Crossroads church is in a capital campaign to raise $1M to build a Community Wellness center on its campus. We solicit your prayers, encouragement and support.

A structure with a roof and walls, such as a house, school, store, or factory, community center, etc. No matter the building, its purpose meets critical needs. Families dwell in houses. Children are educated in schools. People shop in stores. Work gets done factories, warehouses and office buildings. Valley Crossroads need a building in which to provide services.

Pacoima — “the entrance” to metropolitan from the north off the famous Hwy 5. Valley Crossroads, on the corner of Glenoaks & Fillmore in Pacoima, has been providing services to the community more than 65 years. The sanctuary was built in 19__ and the fellowship hall in 1977. However, we have outgrown the two adjacent structures. We are asking you give to help us expand our services in one the highest economically disparaged communities in Los Angeles County.


Valley Crossroads is in a community faced with food shortage, recurring literacy issues, it is below the poverty line, language barriers and health disparities that rival some of the highest in the county. Low high-school completion rates. Less than 20% college graduates. Largest juvenile facility in the U.S. with high recidivism rates. More than 86% Hispanic speaking. In our current facility, we can only accommodate one program at any time that serves the congregation or the community. On serval occasions over the past 10 years, we have had usurp programs to accommodate weddings and funerals.

Fundraising will accomplish

  • Building a much-needed facility to provide services to address the challenges of disparity and felt needs for social change.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders to bring additional services
  • Facilities to accommodate programs not presently in the community.
  • VC Community Wellness Center Fund (Big Birthday Cake or people celebrating)
  • Happy Birthday to _________.
  • One of my passions is helping others. My church family and I share the same vision. We desire to help the community of Pacoima live better, stronger, healthier and safer. It is my Birthday month. So, if you ask me what I wish, it is for you to give to the people of Pacoima by helping us build our Community Health & Wellness Center.
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Even just $25 a month helps

  • To purchase much need equipment to the most vulnerable in our community
  • Fund critical opportunities to enhance the quality of life in Pacoima
  • Support single parents, seniors, homeless, those transitioning back into society
  • Provide summer youth programs, parenting classes, recovery and counseling to the broken
  • When you donate, you join a community of faith building a healthier community and brighter future for the residents of Pacoima, California.

When you donate, you join a community of faith building a healthier community and brighter future for the residents of Pacoima, California.

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